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Sea Things provides its customers with a wide variety of live coral FRAGS and traveling maintenance services.  We service all aquariums including reefs, marine aquariums, fresh water aquariums and freshwater planted aquariums!  We are exceedingly committed to meeting and surpassing the expectations of our esteemed clientele, and are dedicated to providing our guaranteed lowest prices at all times. Proudly Canadian, only the top quality corals and services are provided. Our services are based out of beautiful North Saanich, British Columbia. We provide products and services all across the island! Our staff is educated and experienced in order to be the top aquatic specialist. Sea Things sales and service staff are eager to extend their knowledge and expertise to our customers to help make their experience as pleasant as possible. Sea Things continually expands our live coral selection and knowledge to provide you with essential services, which include but are not limited to new aquarium installations, aquarium maintenance and cleaning, and troubleshooting.​ Customer service is our top priority along with outstanding work ethic.

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